Place Matters is a line of limited production wines inspired by outstanding and unique quality of wines produced from very specific vineyard blocks. The Place Matters line gives us a platform to showcase these very special wines.

The first three wines produced all come from our Batuco vineyard, located in the coastal mountains of the Maule Valley. It is a forgotten land, bereft of the irrigation fed by the melting snowcaps of the Andes Mountains, and elevated out of reach of any deep-well water. So it is a land totally dependent on whatever rainfall the soils manage to soak up during the rainy winters. Luckily, the soils are deep clay soils, with negligible hardpan or other impediments, so the roots of the vines reach deep down to tap the moisture left in the soils from the winter rains. The climate is marked by extreme temperature oscillations that frequently exceed 25 degrees. The result are vines with naturally moderated growth, slowly matured grapes, that deliver wines with freshness, depth of character and incredible concentration.

Elaboración vino blanco

Máquina despalilladora – moledora / Prensa / Cuba de decantación / Cuba de fermentación o barricas de fermentación / Evolución /Embotellado.

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