Por Fin.


-You did it!


As its brand says, in a minimalist and ironic way, it seeks to communicate along the road to great achievements. To be a light at the end of the tunnel!
The wine manages to be a blend in which each of the varieties used perfectly complement each other. It expresses the passage of the grape to be converted into wine and go through an aging process to become a reflection of the passion to achieve something, the effort to achieve a project, an idea, a wine that ends up being a great end.

The wine is profound, but without exuberance …. Complex and intriguing.

Por Fin.

You deserve a wine that knows the long and
the long and xx sacrificial road.

The grapes were hung in the sun, xxx
without water until they almost died.
Cruelly cut from their mother
vine, they were crushed xxy thrown into steel vats, devoured
into vats of steel, devoured by le-
vats, devoured by leavenings, crushed in the press and
thrown into barrels into oblivion for months, before
months, to finally end up trapped in a bottle.
trapped in a bottle.

It is a wine that has not seen the light of day in over xx18 months.
daylight in over xx18 months.

But I assure you that everything it has
suffered has done it good!…

–Uncap him, and together enjoy
its great achievements!



Tasting notes:
Wine with notes of black fruits, spice, cedar and alcatran, with a long finish, just as long as the road to achievement was.


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Elaboración vino blanco

Máquina despalilladora – moledora / Prensa / Cuba de decantación / Cuba de fermentación o barricas de fermentación / Evolución /Embotellado.

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